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Given name Javed Ragbasingh also know as Dj Roots/Roots Sound, was born into the love for music as his father (well known dj ‘Roots’ senior) passed on the appreciation for music and disc jockeying to him. From just the tender age of 15 with the help of his father, continued to motivate him to stay focused and pushed him to pursue his journey on the musical path. “Music is an avenue that takes me away from all the hate and pain of this world”, he quoted. As one of his inspiration, the late Bob Marley said "One Good Thing About Music When it hits, You feel No Pain".

Akel Alexis, started deejaying at the age of 16 with the name ‘Dj Fishman Jr’, as the talent being inherited from his father, well known ‘Dj Fishman’. “With the help of my father I grew a passion for music and I decided to take deejaying as a career”, he said. “I'm always willing to learn new things and always want to find out ways I can improve my performance & become a successful professional deeJay.

Danneal ‘Dj Ice’ Antoine, born in the town that never sleeps, Gouyave, started his musical career in 2010 under the guidance of Mr Killa. Music has always be Ice’s interest in life and over the years has become one of the popular names in the industry and is now a part of the R Nation […]

Ouvell Modeste aka Top Sound has been DJing for the past 18 years.